Monday, November 18, 2013

Eye the 80s Fashion Style: 80s Glasses

80s Glasses
80s fashion has always been synonymous with a larger-than-life fashion, music, and pop culture movement which is known for its fearless love for all things colorful, large, and even gaudy. From neon accessories to huge hair styles, 80s fashion involves being vibrant and noticeable. 

Vintage glasses, retro glasses and oversized glasses are all quintessentially 80s styles of eyewear, whose popularity remains high within modern fashion culture. Among the most popular eyeglass styles from the 80s, are aviator glasses and oversized glasses. 

Aviator shades were originally developed for pilots in the 1930s. what is unique about Aviators is their greenish lenses and thin frames which allow a person to see clearly even during very bright, sunny weather. Made famous by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who sported Aviator shades with a gold frame for the film, “Top Gun”, the Aviators are still one of the top selling styles of 80s eyewear today. 

Oversized glasses have been spotted on innumerable Hollywood celebrities from yesteryear and today. From Sharon Tate to Madonna, to actresses Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton, these large glasses with their fancy plastic frames are fun, quintessentially retro, and eye-catching. Usually someone who wants to sport this very 80s style will opt for brown lenses, however in recent times it has been noticed that there is a marked increase in the demand for black frames.

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