Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ten September Super food in Season

September Super food for you

Proper diet alongside regular exercise plays a vital role in keeping us staying healthy. Sufficient intake of food highly rich in vitamin and minerals and other macro and micro elements is important as it helps to build our body. A proper diet must include all the vegetables and fruits that can be used both in preventing and treating diseases. Here goes the list of top ten super foods in September that you consider. Indulge in the healthy foods and stay fit.


Watermelon can be a great substitute for prescription glasses, for it protects from the sun. Watermelon is a great storehouse of lycopene which offers protection against heart disease, prostate cancer as well as skin diseases due to UV rays. Tomatoes, red pepper, green tea, mackerel etc. are some of the other food items that offer same effect.


leeks are rich in pro-biotic fibre. It helps in digestion and promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. Bananas, asparagus and onions are some of the other sources of pro-biotic.


Known for its anti aging effect, it is ideal to make it a habit to add salad. It contains beta carotene, vitamin c, antioxidants and many more that protect against diseases occurring with age. You can consider peppers, carrots and broccoli for the same effect. Coriander can be used for good diet foods.


Quercetin, a substance found in onions, protects against cancer. The same effect can be experienced with apples, oranges, parsley and red wine. Consider them for the good cooking recipes.


Beets are quite effective for the pregnant women. A red beet contains high source of folate (folic acid) which is required to prepare women so that they can be successful mothers. According to the recent study, beets have all the ingredients to help prevent Alzheimer disease. Green vegetables figs and avocados are some of the worth mentioning food items that have the required for quantity of folic acid.


If you are suffering from over-weight, you must consider pumpkins as it can help you lose weight. Pumpkins contains high fibre and water and provides satiety with as it is contains low number of calories. Rich in significant amount of vitamin C, pumpkins help you reduce the extra fat and stay healthy. You will have similar effects with other foods that include apples, celery and brown rice.

Red Grapes

It contains a rich amount of polyphenols which are famous for their cardio-protective properties. The higher content of polyphenols there will be the darker will be the grapes. Red grapes are indeed good for health and protect your heart from various kinds of diseases. Red wine, grape juice, or fish oil are some of the great substitutes for red grapes.


It is quite effective for metabolism, Mussels contain rich amount of selenium. You can consider preparing some good foot recipes with mussels as chief ingredient. Mussels ensure smooth functioning of the thyroid and metabolism. A significant amount of selenium can be found in tuna, eggs or beef.


If you have poor memory, you may consider walnuts as it is rich in omega-3. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids ensure protective of effects on the heart.

Rye Bread

Rich in dietary fibre content, rye bread helps in digestion and alleviates the risk of colon cancer. There are many other nutrients or vitamin B that can be found in beans brown rice and lentils. Help yourself with this food in season and feel free to satiate your taste buds.

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