Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Choose Eyeglasses for Your Hairstyle

Eyeglasses for Your Hairstyle

“What kind of eyeglasses should I choose to match my new hairstyle?” Almost every girl has this kind of doubts. The perfect combination of glasses and hairstyle can help show someone’s style, taste and occupation character. Here are some combination tips about how to choose the suitable eyeglasses for different kinds of hairstyles. 

Curls or Soft Waves? The hair with curls or waves can make a girl look more feminine and sexy, but you should know the combination of long voluminous hair and fashion glasses will overwhelm the face. If you intend to have the long curly hair, you should choose the eyeglasses with simple structures, such as rimless glasses. 

With Fringes or not? Lots of girls like wearing fringes, then you should avoid covering too much of your face with hair and glasses. It’s suggested that you may consider new hairstyles without long fringes falling over your forehead. Alternatively, you can wear side-swept fringes. Then you can choose the eyeglasses with narrow rims. 

Parting and Glasses. To some extent, the style of parting and fashion glasses can become the perfect combination. Any style of parting can complement glasses, and you can wear middle parting, side parting or no parting. Parting and undone ponytail would be a good choice with a pair of dark, full-rim glasses. This kind of combination can create a sense of intellectuality and soften the look. 

People occupied in different fields have different occupation features, and hairstyle is one of these features. Therefore, the combination of eyeglasses and hairstyles should demonstrate not only one’s occupation character but also unique personality. Hope combination tips above helpful for you!

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