Sunday, August 18, 2013

Specsavers Special Services for over 60s

The iconic brand that exhibits latest collections into sunglasses is now offering some special discounts to the people over 60s. Yes, you have heard the truth because recently specsavers has launched latest models for the people who are at or above their age of 60s. Everyone knows that specsavers glasses are tough and sturdy; but this time they have changed their concept behind the production of prescription glasses. Now, they are offering some fantastic discounts on the prescription glasses that are designed for the old people who have crossed the age over 60s.

All products pricing in between £69 series or above have given a flat discount of 25%. Also, you get free eye-testing like services. No matter which part you choose, it may be frames, lenses, or the whole body of glasses; you are going to receive flat 25% off the price. Isn’t it encouraging? Of course, it is, because now you are going to receive branded glasses at much lower price.

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