Saturday, June 8, 2013

Make your father's day with the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift for Father's Day is often a thankless task. Whilst on Mothering Sunday, there are a handy set of fall back presents, that whilst a little clichhd, are almost guaranteed to be welcomed, the equivalent festival for dads doesn't have the same convenience. 

A present which lets your dad know how much he means to you, whilst remaining useful or indeed practical can often lead you down a dangerous path; yes your father wears a tie to the office, but does that really mean he wants a new one for a present? The same can be said for DIY equipment, which could be seen as a hint that there is something you may need his help with. If you're stumped for some ideas, try one of the following.
A pair of glasses for father
If you father has trouble with reading, a pair of glasses for father is necessary. Pick a pair for your father now!

A quality pen, elegant and useful
Whether or not your father does a lot of writing, special pens are often the sort of present which is treasured for a long time. A quality fountain pen, engraved with a message, or your dad's name is a thoughtful gift that should last a lifetime and above all be practical and useful.

The choice of quality pens online, fit to be given as gifts, has rocketed in recent years, with designs ranging from traditional black and gold fountain pens to ultra-modern designs. Choose a style which matches your dad's personality.

A quality tipple
If your dad enjoys a drop of wine or beer every now and again, why not invest in a starter kit for his own home brewery. Kits available online are a far cry from the home brewing equipment of times gone by, with simple to follow instructions and incredibly straight forward methods, your dad can be brewing his own ales within half an hour of opening the gift.

Whether wine, beer or cider is the tipple of choice, a good kit provides all of the equipment necessary to make a start on the first batch. All that is needed is lots of water, a fairly warm space for the fermentation to take place and the patience to not muck about with the ale whilst it is brewing. That patience will be rewarded with the sweet taste of victory, as the brew comes out successfully.

An experience he will never forget
If your dad really is the man who has everything, providing him with an experience day is a fantastic gift, which can be tailored to his tastes. For example, petrolheads will jump at the chance to ride in a two person racing car driven by a pro racer, before potentially getting his hands on the wheel. Dads with more sedate taste would be enamoured by a day's hot air ballooning or punting along a river. Whatever your dad's interests, you will find a day out which suits him online.

Whether you choose to plump for fountain pens, home brew kits, experience days or grandchildren vouchers, remember that it is obviously the thought that counts on father's day and anything you get for him will be fondly received.

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