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Vintage Eyeglass Frames for Men

Vintage Eyeglass Frames for Men: Old School Glasses

If you're lucky enough to be visually impaired, you have a lot of style options at your disposal. One of the coolest ways to personalize your style is with a pair of vintage men's eyeglasses. Vintage glasses for men can be found all over the place even today, and finding the right pair that matches your look will do wonderful things for you.
This article is all about vintage eyeglass frames for men, and is intended to educate about how to get into this very cool style. We'll talk about the ways you can use vintage men's eyeglass frames to update your look, and the proper frame for your face. We'll touch on where you can go to purchase these kinds of frames, and what you'll likely go through getting your prescription.
Let's begin, and look at a few vintage glasses frames for men!

Vintage Glasses Frames: Types, Styles and Looks

As you can tell by looking at the remarkable Mr. Depp in the photograph at the start of this piece, the right pair of vintageeyeglass frames for men can have an amazing effect. They can make you look sophisticated, intelligent and even sexy.Glasses have really had a revival in recent years, especially thick-framed varieties, and few things are cooler than a pair of authentic vintage men's eyeglasses.

However, you want to make sure you pick the right style for you. Not every frame works with every face. The easiest way to determine if a particular look will work for you is to try on a few frames and see how they look. Generally speaking, darker frames work for people with darker features, and vice versa. However, that's not a hard and fast rule.

If you have more subtle features, I'd avoid thicker frames. Try on a pair before you buy to ensure that they'll look good on your face.

There are a lot of varieties of vintage glasses frames for men, and listing them all would be futile. But there are some general categories that you'll find all over the place.

Buying Vintage Men's Eyeglasses: Cost and Prescription

Finding the perfect pair of vintage men's eyeglasses can be rather tricky, mostly because there's a limited supply of authentic pairs out there, and lots of other people are trying to get them before you do! The price of vintage eyeglass frames for men is a little bit high as a result, but certainly not unreasonable compared to a new set.

The best place, in my experience, to track down a cool pair of men's vintage glasses frames is your localvintage store. If you live in a larger city you should have plenty of options. The vintage store I frequent has a large basket full of vintage frames that they get from various sources. You have to sift through a lot of duds, but it can be a fun process.

Another option for you is reproductions. Because of the renewed popularity of vintage men's eyeglass frames, many manufacturers are starting to recreate some classic looks. Most will follow the standard thick-framed geek chic look that's popular right now, but you can find vintage aviators and other styles too. Reproductions will be at least as expensive as a conventional new set of frames.

Vintage Prescription Eyeglasses:

If you're visually impaired, you'll want a prescription for your vintage eyeglasses. This is a lot easier than you might think. Once you have had aneye exam, take the prescription to any glasses store and they should be willing to make new frames for you. My prescription vintage eyeglasses were ready in less than an hour, and they even fitted them for me. An advantage of prescription vintage glasses: the staff will likely help you fit them to your face just like a new set.(Source:

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