Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reading Right with Half Moon Glasses

Half Moon Glasses 

There are two kinds of reading glasses - the full frames type and half moon glasses which just sit on the lower half of the nose. How do you determine who needs which kind of glasses? If you spend a lot of time reading, the full reading glasses are the best choice for you. You will however notice that if you want a quick look at something in the distance, it all appears blurry! The other solution of course is the half moon reading glasses. As the name suggests, this contains just half a lens made up of the reading prescription. When you have to be reading something, you will look through the lens and if you need to look at something in the distance, you look up and over the lens. This combination makes half moon reading glasses a good choice for many who only occasionally have to perform close at hand jobs. 

In the half frame eyeglasses, the half-lens is called the D segment because of the way it is shaped or the flat top, because, well, it has a flat top! If there is a narrower rectangular shaped segment that looks like a ribbon, it is called a ribbon segment. Also, the full bottom in the lower half of the lens is called the E lens. 

Variety Of Half Moon Glasses 
Half moon reading glasses have been fairly popular as they are a perfect choice for doing occasional close work. Keep the glasses low on your nose and for the duration of the work, you will have great near vision. You want to see something in a distance, no problem - just look up over the frames and you can view faraway objects without any blurriness. So far, the only factor that had prevented more people from buying these half moon glasses had been the severe lack of variety. Every half moon eyeglass looked like any other and many were afraid they looked like granny glasses. 

All that has changed. Half moon reading glasses now come in a variety of colors, designs and styles. From half-frames that come in classic looks like horn rims or cat-eyes, there are also more modern rimless varieties. One design allows you to have compact half moon reading glasses that you can fold and slip in your purse or your pocket. Most of these reading glasses are made of international anti-scratch, anti-shatter lenses with European spring hinges. For that additional touch of class, some are even encrusted with precious crystals! 

This new found combination of fashion and functionality has made half moon glasses the perfect reading glasses for any occasion.

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