Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Four Types of Fashion Glasses Keep You in Style of Chic

Glasses nowadays are no longer related the adjective word dull. On the contrary, choosing a pair of fashion glasses will make you look smart, sophisticated and chic. In 2011, fashion glasses become the popular accessories among women. So, I collect some fashion glasses that are popular right now and may continue be popular in the next year.

Black framed glasses – I love those black frame glasses because the glasses bring me a simple fashion with a sophisticated looking. One of the best advantages of black frame glasses is that they have no limits for people's face shape, facial features as well as their clothes style. Besides, people of all ages can match with a pair of black frame glasses. So, a pair of black glasses is a good choice if you want to dress with a smart and sophisticated look.

Horn-rimmed glasses – In the big background of retro fashion in eyeglasses industry, how can we leave out horn-rimmed glasses? Horn-rimmed glasses today are not made of really horn from animals. They are just made of plastic with a horn look. Nevertheless, different from common plastic glasses, horn-rimmed glasses can bring people a gorgeous fashion. If you are huge fan of retro fashion, horn-rimmed glasses are worthy to collect.

Cat eye glasses- This is another choice for people who want to follow retro fashion. Those cat eye glasses are designed for girls and women that can bring them an elegant fashion in a retro way. But, one disadvantage of cat eye glasses is that they are just suitable for people who have a small face. Nevertheless, it is still a nice choice for girls and women.

Small round glasses – this type of glasses can also be classified into retro glasses. Modern small round glasses are no longer as simple as the round glasses that John Lennon worn. They new made small round glasses are more charming and suitable for women to wear. That is why round glasses are so active in many TV shows and celebrities in this year.


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